The Benefits of a Shelf Bra

The Benefits of a Shelf Bra

The shelf bra is also known as an open-chest bra, an open-chest bra, an open-toe bra, or an open-chest bra. These bras do not cover the bust, like a traditional bra, they rather lie under the chest, so that the chest rests on the bra like a shelf.

 Naughty Shelf Bra

Primary  Benefits

The main purpose of a shelf bra is to improve the appearance of the breast, holding them and making them fuller. This is an attractive underwear for men and women, because the breast itself remains open. When you wear a bra under clothes, especially made of thin material, the nipples appear more noticeable.

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Secondary Benefits

Most shelf bras are made of 100% cotton, which makes them comfortable to wear. Another advantage is that these bras are attractive to the opposite sex, which ordinary bras simply don't.



Shelf bras are not designed to be worn like your everyday bra, although they are comfortable. They are not suitable for office or work and may not be suitable for an evening with friends. Shelf bras are designed for more intimate purposes.


Additional items

In addition to the standard bra, you can buy other things that contain a built-in bra. You can buy brassieres, undershirts or undershirts. All these things have a built-in bra, so you do not need to wear a normal bra, which improves your figure.

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